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We are a small company specialized in medical devices from Europe and focus on devices with something different to these already beeing sold in Japan and also introduce new therapy concepts.

We know both, the European and the Japanese way of thinking and act as an excellent bridge between Europe and Japan.

We are in possession of all licenses needed for production, sales and maintenance of class 1 and 2 medical devices. We do the PMDA Registration and are Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) for all our products.

In 1986 we started with Wymoton, a electrotherapy unit with a unique 3-phase
mid-frequency current of 11 kHz combined with a 250 Hz low-frequency current.

In 1989 we became the sole agent for Rebox, another unique electrotherapy device, and started with the sale after getting the license three years later.

We also succeded to get the approval for the first combination therapy, electrotherapy & ultrasound, with Uniphy's Phyaction 792.

Another unique device is the SpiroTiger from idiag, Switzerland, which
helps sports enthusiasts and athletes enhance their results with a simple training.

SpinalMouse® is a device that, combined with a computer program (PC), assesses the curvatures of the vertebral column without applying harmful radiation.

In 2015 we managed to get the approvel for the Shockmaster, a pressure wave therapy unit (RSW) in Japan.

Wymoton, 3-phase mid-frequency electrotherapy unit
[LMT, Switzerland]
Rebox Distribution Agreement with Rebox International, England
Sales of Rebox II starts
[Rebox International, England]
First combination (electro/ultrasound) unit in Japan: Phyaction 796
[Uniphy, The Netherlands]
Combination Therapy Unit Phyaction 792
[Uniphy, The Netherlands]
Ultrasound unit Phyaction 190. The first ultrasound unit in Japan with possibility of connecting an electrotherapy unit for combination threatment
[Uniphy, The Netherlands]
Vacuum unit Phyaction 180
[Uniphy, The Netherlands]
Low-frequency electro therapy unit Phyaction 160
[Uniphy, The Netherlands]
Portable ultrasound unit Phyaction Supporta
[Uniphy, The Netherlands]
Arthrometer Kneelax-3
[MR Systems, The Netherland]
SpinalMouse, a computer-assisted medical device that can be used to determine the shape and mobility of the spinal column by simply gliding the device manually down the back.
[idiag, Switzerland]
The Monitored Rehab Functional Squat System
for use in early rehabilitation of ACL, PCL, Patello-Femoral and Hip patients.
[Monitored Rehab Systems, The Netherland]
Cryotherapy unit Kryotur 600 in combination with Rebox
from Uniphy-Elektromedizin, Germany
SpiroTiger for training the respiratory muscle system
[idiag, Switzerland]
2005 Ultrasound unit Phyaction-U.
[GymnaUniphy, Belgium]
2005 [ Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (PAL) ]
2009 Combination Therapy Unit Combi 200
[Gymna, Belgium]
[ Pharmaceutical Affairs Act (PMD Act) ]
2015 Shockwave Therapy Unit (RSWT) Shockmaster
[Gymna, Belgium]
2017 MOXI Muscle Oxygen Monitor,
[idiag Switzerland]
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